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TCC mission and values

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver the benefits of therapeutic coaching

to a wide audience at an accessible price point


At TCC we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive in their personal and professional lives. The reality we see is that top quality executive coaching remains the privilege of the most wealthy and successful in society, and access to therapy still suffers from the perception that it's only for those struggling with significant mental health distress. Therapeutic coaching has the potential to overcome unhelpful societal stigma and provide widespread, professional and ethical wellbeing and performance development support for employees and individuals.   


In contrast to existing consultancies or companies that deliver psychotherapy and coaching services separately within organisations, the experience and expertise of TCC associates mean we're uniquely placed to offer an integrated service for clients that draws on the benefits, theories, tools and techniques of each profession, that supports clients at the necessary emotional depth whilst also facilitating the forward momentum that delivers measurable results.

Our values 


Warmth and compassion:  

we believe with the right conditions we all have the potential to flourish

Common sense and pragmatism:

we aim to simplify the complex 

Curiosity and collaboration: being continually curious about ourselves and the world around us leads to creative and new ways of working 

Diverse and systemic perspective:  we hold an awareness of the cultural, economic and environmental systems we all live within, and believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to thrive

Creativity and humour: connection and collaboration lead to lightness even in the darkest times 

Our team

Our mission was to build the team we'd all want to work with. All TCC associates are qualified, insured and experienced dual-practitioners of both psychotherapy and coaching, as well as integrated therapeutic-coaching practice, and registered (required) and accredited (preferred) members of the appropriate professional bodies (BACP/UKCP for therapy, and EMCC/ICF/AC for coaching). More than this though, TCC associates are hand-selected for their personal alignment to TCC’s values and mission. 

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