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       Case study:
Therapeutic Conflict Resolution Coaching

This case study summarises the common themes, benefits, and outcomes to protect individual and organisational confidentiality.

Executive Summary

Therapeutic conflict resolution coaching is a unique combination of skills in counselling, coaching, mediation, and organisational and leadership development. It helps individuals to resolve conflict between colleagues by supporting them to understand and manage their negative emotions, start to see the bigger picture and to find a solution that will work for them, which is also reasonable within the organisational context. This service will save the organisation money because the longer the conflict goes on, the more ingrained it becomes, and the more expensive and time consuming it will be to fix it.

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Solutions that Therapeutic Conflict Resolution Coaching provides:

  • Sustainable healing and acceptance of the situation, and ownership of what can and can’t change

  • A proactive preventative intervention in early conflict situations that stops situations escalating

  • A recommendation from an investigation that has focused on conflict

  • An alternative to mediation where mediation has been declined

  • Provides a support initiative during a period of sickness, to help an individual return to work feeling more able to manage conflict situations, and give their manager confidence they can effectively support them

  • A precursor to formal mediation to help someone prepare and engage with the process, leading to more productive outcomes for all involved

  •  Incorporating therapeutic techniques to resolve conflict can help to understand at a deeper level someone’s personal construct and help shine a light on a way forward for the organisation that gives clarity, explanation and reasons that may have been previously hidden


  • Conflict situations that have felt stuck, start to resolve themselves

  • Individuals find their own solution and move on from the past

  • Increased open and honest conversations start to happen

  • Leaders find better ways to manage challenging staff members

  • Individual wellness, job satisfaction and performance start to improve

  • Sickness levels reduce and people return to work

  • Time HR or managers spend applying lengthy formal processes is removed or reduced

Outcomes for organisations:

  • Individuals feel more prepared and able to participate in a formal mediation process if still required

  • The coach can often act as a messenger from the individual to the organisation (with the individual’s full permission) to relay sensitive information or suggestions that can help the situation, which the individual may previously been unwilling to share

  • It gets to the real route of what’s stopping things moving forward so a new plan can be developed

Benefits of Conflict Resolution Coaching for individuals, leaders, and teams

  • Therapeutic Conflict Coaching provides a safe and confidential space outside of formal workplace procedures.  Often staff involved in conflict situations have often had many meetings with their manager or an HR representative; or have been exposed to what can be extremely difficult formal processes. The barriers are up and what they really think, and feel is often masked in a sea of legal speak and workplace or personal expectations. 

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  • Giving someone a safe space to say out loud the unthinkable, always gives people a sense of lightness and a certain amount of release. This is key as it helps to get to the real route of the issue and not what is sometimes a superficial gloss to try and make things look more favourable or make more sense to others.

  • Building that psychological safety quickly is where the therapeutic skills in this process are beneficial. It breaks down the defensive barriers that in a sea of legal speak and workplace or personal expectations. holding the staff member in a safe confidential space so they truly feel heard, can be extremely powerful. The process can help increase self-awareness and gently shine a light in the dark corners of what can sometimes be months or even years of conflict situations at work.

  • Failure to effectively address and resolve conflict between individuals impacts the wellbeing and performance of team members not directly involved. Resentment, anxiety, and factions can build, undermining a team's ability to work collaboratively towards the achievement of shared objectives, and eventually leading to decreased motivation, and increased risk of presenteeism and absenteeism

  • TCC's knowledge of investigations, mediation, grievance, and performance processes from an organisational context helps in two ways. Firstly, it gives the organisation confidence that the outcome will not be completely against procedures and expectations, and secondly the individual feels a sense of being understood in the context of a corporate setting, as well as from an emotional perspective.

Testimonial for              Therapeutic Conflict Resolution Coaching:

​“Conflict coaching with Jo was a really positive experience with no judgement at all. I feel I gained a better understanding of myself, what triggers me and what motivates me. It has allowed me to reflect on what I do, who influences me and how, and the steps I need to take forward in a positive way."

Senior Manager, NHS

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