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We believe the deeper the understanding of the problem, the more effective the solution. 

You're the experts on your organisation. We'll work collaboratively with you to deeply understand your people and performance challenges and goals, and design the programme of interventions that will meet your targets and deliver maximum return on investment. 

Discover more about our range of evidence-based therapeutic coaching solutions below, brought to life through case studies, and heatestimonials from our clients about how they've benefitted from working with us here.

            solutions include 

Individual therapeutic coaching
Team coaching
Conflict resolution coaching
Group workshops and training

Research suggests people are most likely to thrive at work through high performance and mental wellbeing initiatives that reach across entire companies.  TCC services range from preventative workshops that educate, inspire, and include, through to bespoke, individualised solutions that energise, motivate and resolve.  

Individual therapeutic coaching

We work 1:1 with individuals in a series of 50-90 minute sessions.  Working collaboratively with each person's unique goals, areas of focus include:

  • Leadership development and career evolution

  • Enhancing self-awareness, self-confidence, and overcoming imposter syndrome

  • Reducing stress, enhancing resilience and creating sustainable work-life balance

  • Women's Health (Menopause, Fertility, Maternity and Men's Health (Suicide awareness, Fatherhood)

  • Transitions, First 100 Days, and Returning to work after absence (mental or physical health, grief and loss,  maternity or paternity leave)

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Team and group coaching

Supporting high-performing and dysfunctional teams alike, particularly in challenging and emotionally-charged circumstances.  Common challenges we help with include:

  • Creation of team purpose, mission, and vision

  • Reacting  strategically and effectively to mergers, restructures and redundancies 

  • Transforming meetings - improving communication and problem solving

  • Enhancing team motivation to perform under pressure - building belonging and collaboration

  • Responding to grief and loss of team members - healing, honouring, finding meaning

Conflict resolution coaching

While challenge is part of organisational life, when people get stuck within conflict it is painful for the individuals involved and disruptive for those around them. We combine expertise in coaching and mediation to support resolution in two ways.


Conflict coaching supports individuals struggling with a particular situation or going through a difficult grievance, formal investigation, or mediation process. We work 1:1 to help people understand and heal difficult emotions, and move forwards with positivity.

Mediation is ideal for emotional, sensitive situations where people are focusing on the past problem and not the solution. We draw on our experience of counselling and development to offer formal mediation, and also specialise in a gentler facilitated conversation between two or more people, creating a safe, contained space to allow resolution to follow.


Conflict resolution coaching

This coaching is ideal for those who are struggling with conflict at work or have been through a difficult grievance, investigation or mediation process. 


We combine expertise in mediation and coaching to create a safe, contained, empathic space for difficult conversations and processes involving two or more people.   

Conflict coaching helps people understand, heal, communicate, resolve difficult emotions, and move forwards with positivity.


Workshops and Training

A therapeutic coaching approach to training is particularly impactful in helping groups create closer and more trusting relationships, enhance collective resilience, and build stronger self-awareness and self-compassion.  We find our clients particularly enjoy the combination of the psychological insight our workshops provide, along with the practical tools and techniques they can take away and implement. Popular sessions include:

  • Experiencing how psychological safe environments improves performance and wellbeing

  • Reducing stress and activating better work-life balance

  • Identify strengths and overcoming self-limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome

  • Transforming meetings

  • Having challenging conversations with confidence and empathy

  • Understanding diversity and being allies for colleagues

Neurodiversity coaching

Neurodiversity coaching supports people with symptoms or a diagnosis of ADHD, ADD, autism or dyslexia, and helps their teams understand how to be neurodiverse allies.


We work collaboratively with the individual to identify the strengths and unique value they bring to an organisation, and also explore practical interventions that will address specific needs and goals for personal and professional change.


ADHD coaching includes psycho-education about the brain, a focus on executive functioning skills such as time management, goal setting, organisation, and enhancing emotional regulation. Autism coaching helps people identify their strengths and work through self limiting beliefs.

Group training and workshops help teams better understand the challenges their neurodiverse colleagues face, and contain practical guidance about how they can by allies by supporting, communicating and collaborating with their team members effectively.

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TCC certifications and accreditations include

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What our clients say

Our purpose is help all people thrive at work, whoever and wherever they are. We're proud that our person-centred approach of compassionate challenge allows us to work flexibly and creatively with everyone, whatever their circumstances. We enjoy working with clients across a whole range of industries and public and private sector organisations including media, finance, retail,  construction, legal, medical, finance, and technology. Hear directly from our clients about what they value about working with us.

Work with us

If you'd like to work with the team or find out more information about our services please drop us a line using the details below.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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