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What is therapeutic coaching?

The TCC model of therapeutic coaching facilitates measurable high performance and mental wellbeing outcomes for organisations by combining the solutions-focused structure and energy of coaching with the healing empowerment of psychotherapy and counselling.


Our highly qualified and experienced associates integrate traditional executive coaching techniques and strengths-based assessments with evidence-based clinical experience of psychotherapeutic modalities. These include person-centred, psychodynamic, transactional analysis, existential, CBT, and gestalt approaches.​ Our services are designed to deliver interventions that range from prevention through to cure, empowering people to remain in and thrive at work.


Flexible to the needs of individuals, teams, and groups, a therapeutic coaching approach enables people to achieve:


deep psychological insight and understanding about themselves and their relationships with others, and how this impacts their ability to achieve their professional goals


enhanced self-awareness that unblocks barriers to change and facilitates tangible shifts in thinking and behaviour at conscious and unconscious levels (we are trained to continually attend to both levels in service of our clients needs)


positive psychological shifts and new, healthier behavioural strategies that are energising, motivating, and sustainable beyond the coaching, training, or personal development sessions

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Whether it's empowering an individual to overcome 'imposter syndrome', supporting a high performing team during dysfunctional circumstances, or delivering an psychoeducational work-life balance workshop to a group, well-delivered therapeutic coaching combines deep psychological insight with actionable tools, strategies and techniques that people can benefit from straight away.


Is therapeutic coaching right for my organisation?

Our clients tell us therapeutic coaching works for them (see here for more details).  Research into the ROI of mental wellbeing interventions backs this up.  Independent reviews commissioned by the Government (2017) and Deloitte (2020) investigated how employers can best support the mental health of all people currently in employment, including those with poor mental well-being, to remain in and thrive through work.  The collective insights were:

  • Working with individuals, specific teams, and across the entire company gives greatest ROI

  • Evidence suggests employees are prevented from seeking help when struggling due to stigma around therapy, and fear of employer judgement or negative impact on future career prospects.

  • Support will be most impactful when it is specifically targeted to work with a spectrum of challenges ranging from those who are thriving, to people who do not feel able to work

Therapeutic coaching is uniquely placed to deliver the recommended combination of mental health and wellbeing interventions because:

  1. Coaching does not suffer the same stigma as therapy or counselling: its positive, goal-oriented nature, and its flexibility to work with individuals and teams alike means more employees are likely to access it and experience its benefits, free from fear of employer judgement.

  2. Coaches who are also qualified as therapists have the psychological insight into what makes people both thrive and struggle in the workplace, and crucially, the clinical experience to safely and effectively help people understand the origins of their difficulties and learn strategies to overcome them.

  3. One team of experts working across a business can really get to know an organisation's unique culture, values, purpose, and mission, while building a strong foundation of trust with employees. This creates the psychological safety that is necessary for deep (rather than surface level) change to occur, and for high productivity and performance to be achieved.

  4. With a consistent, cohesive and measurable approach across an entire company, the desired performance and mental health and wellbeing progress can be accurately monitored, achieved, making it more sustainable long-term.

Get in touch to find out more about the ROI of therapeutic coaching, and how our services can help you and your business.

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What our clients say

We are proud to work with clients across a broad range of industries and public and private sector organisations including media, finance, construction, legal, retail, NHS, finance, and technology.

Find out more about how our clients experience our therapeutic coaching services here. 

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