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The            Community

Welcome to an energising, developmental, and restorative space for coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists, and wellbeing practitioners to connect with and learn from each other.  Our primary purpose is to support people working in these fields, and we also welcome those from the wider high performance and mental health communities who are interested in finding out more about the benefits of an integrated therapy-coaching approach.

Why?  Because we feel empowered by collaboration, and believe we're 'stronger, together'. 

Our Community Purpose

The TCC team often reflect on how grateful we feel for the uplifting companionship we've found through our connections with each other.  Private practice has the potential to feel a bit lonely at times, and for many of us it was the process of being able to share our thoughts, feelings, and positive client experiences with like-minded people that gave us the inspiration, and confidence, to define and develop our own unique integrated therapy-coaching services.

We come from diverse worlds and backgrounds, and have a wide range of experiences in terms of training, qualifications, client focus and length of clinical practice. What we share is a desire to collaborate with people from across the spectrum of high performance and mental health and wellbeing in order to do the best possible work with and for our clients, and feel fully resourced and fulfilled ourselves.

Networking meetings

A regular, topical, online networking space hosted by TCC, for people to connect and explore the purpose, experience, and process of integrated therapy and coaching.

 Workshops and Training

CPD designed to support people integrating their therapy and coaching services, and those wishing to dive more deeply into specialised areas of practice.


Our Supervisor Directory recommends practitioners experienced in integrated therapy-coaching practice. We also offer Group Supervision, and one-off mentoring sessions.

For anyone interested in exploring the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of a combined therapy-coaching approach. All welcome regardless of sector, experience, and qualification status.

For coaches, counsellors and  therapists looking to dual-qualify, dual-practitioners wishing to integrate their services, and those looking to enhance or evolve their existing integrated practice. 

For practitioners seeking support and guidance from those who understand the unique challenges of dual-qualified practice, on a 1:1 basis or within in a collaborative group environment.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions about the TCC community, or our workshops, supervisor services and network events, please don't hesitate to drop us a line on the email address below or via or contact form.

London, Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh

+44 (0)7920 2611120

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