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Supervision Services

At TCC, supporting high quality ethical and professional integrated practice is what brought us all together originally, and at the heart of the way we work now. 

As part of our mission to support the growing community of integrated coach-therapists and therapeutic coaches we're delighted to offer a recommended Supervisor Directory, Group Supervision, and one off Mentoring sessions.

Supervisor Directory

For dual-qualified practitioners of coaching and counselling or psychotherapy, we know from experience that finding a Supervisor who's experienced enough in both areas to help you walk the important and occasionally complex lines that may emerge in client work, can be challenging.


Our Supervisor Directory gives you access to people with the skills to support your development and personal resourcing as a practitioner, and the experience to offer guidance on your evolving clinical practice and continued professional development.  Alongside their professional expertise, each recommended TCC Supervisor holds personal qualities and a way of being that strongly aligns with TCC's core values, including warmth, pragmatism, collaboration, inclusivity and kindness. 


If you're a practitioner who'd like to work with one of the TCC Supervisors, or are dual-trained Supervisor who'd like to join our Directory,  please get in touch at

Group Supervision

Group Supervision is a powerful way to hold our clinical and professional client work, whilst also learning from each other and gaining peer support and inspiration. It can also be a cost effective way to work with highly experienced Supervisors than 1:1 Supervision.

If you'd like to find out more about the logistics and fees for joining one of our supervision groups with practitioners who are dual-qualified or in training to be, please get in touch using our contact details below.

Casual Meeting

Individual mentoring session

In response to demand, we offer a one off mentoring session to help people who are curious about embarking on a journey to dual-practice and have lots of questions they'd love answers to.  The reality is that the answers to the most common questions are..... it depends! 

Your unique life experiences, career backgrounds, training budget, available time, and eventual ideal client focus for your practice will all influence the routes forward that are potential right for you.


Our 60 minute one off session is designed to understand your unique circumstances and provide space for you to 'pick our brains' about the answers you're looking for.  The feedback is people leave with clarity about their future goals, a clearer understanding of timelines, and options to consider for what to do next. 

Get in touch

If you'd like to work with one of our recommended Supervisors, join a Supervision Group, or book a one off Mentoring session, please get in touch via the email address below citing Supervision in the subject, or via the contact form below.  If you're a dual-qualified Supervisor who'd like to join our Directory, we'd love to hear from you too.

London, Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh

+44 (0)7920 2611120

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