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Workshops and Training

We've developed our three-tier approach to CPD in response to feedback from our networks of practitioners about the support they would most like to see.  Each event is designed to offer high quality, practical, and experiential opportunities to develop your practice in a warm, creative, and inclusive learning environment. In line with our TCC Community purpose, our collaborative approach to facilitation encourages the development of peer support networks that we hope live on and provide inspiration and connection beyond your training.

Introductory training and guided workshops for those curious about the benefits and practicalities of an integrated therapeutic coaching approach, but unsure of the practicalities and cost of training and practising.

Developmental workshops and training for qualified  coaches, counsellors or psychotherapists, who are looking to develop, or gain confidence in, their integrated approach and professional practice.

CPD for experienced integrated therapeutic coaching practitioners who wish to develop new skills in specialist areas of focus, across individual, team and group coaching subjects,  supported by relevant subject matter experts. 

Tier 1

New to therapeutic coaching

Tier 2

Dual-qualified and exploring integration

Tier 3

Experienced integrated practitioners

Tier 1

Workshops and training schedule coming soon.

Tier 2

Please find our current workshop and training schedule below.

Establishing your integrated coach-therapist practice:

Connect with fellow practitioners to explore how to further develop your own unique way of working and communicate its value to prospective clients


Start date: Tuesday 9th July

Requirements for participation


This two-part workshop is open to dual-trained (counselling/psychotherapy and coaching) practitioners, with an interest in offering clients an integrated approach.  

Participants will be invited to engage in some pre-work designed to stimulate reflection and inspire creative thinking, to optimise the potential for fulfilling workshop outcomes.

If you have any questions about the content or delivery of these workshops please get in touch at   You can book online below.

Workshop in Progress

Workshop 1

Tuesday 9th July
10am - 1pm 
£200 (+ VAT £240) 

Workshop outcomes

Participants will:


  • Gain knowledge of different theoretical models of integration to support the development of a framework for integrated practice that feels authentic to their own unique experiences and approach

  • Explore the ‘brand positioning’ of their practice, and understand how this aligns with their ideal client focus and/or services

  • Develop confidence in communicating the results, benefits, and value of their integrated practice to prospective clients 

Workshop 2

Tuesday 16th July
10am - 1pm 
£200 (+ VAT £240) 

Workshop outcomes

Designed to build on the content of Workshop 1, participants will be encouraged to come prepared to share and present their emerging thinking about their integrated practices.  Participants will:


  • Gain an opportunity to share and receive feedback on their developing integrated practice from peers and workshop facilitators

  • Consider some of the most common challenges of integration in practice, including ethical considerations, risks, and management of boundaries. 

Attendance at Workshop 1 is required to progress to Workshop 2.  To maximise positive outcomes for participants we advise booking onto both courses in advance.  Confirming your attendance at Workshop 2 after completing the initial workshop is also possible.

Your workshop facilitators

Both Workshops will be run using Thinking Environment principles and practice.  This will enable us to create the conditions for everyone to think well for themselves and to build on the thinking of others within the workshop.  This will include using rounds, thinking pairs, dialogue, and open discussion.  On day two of the workshop, we will also draw on the applications of presentations and the Time to Think Council.

Tier 3

Our Supervisor Directory of recommended dual-qualified integrated coach-therapist Supervisors, and opportunities for engaging in Group Supervision, and Mentoring sessions here.

The            Community

Networking meetings

A regular online networking space, facilitated by TCC team members, for people to meet, chat, and explore the world of integrated therapy and coaching.

 Workshops and Training

CPD designed to support people integrating their therapy and coaching services, and those wishing to dive more deeply into specialised areas of practice.


We provide a regulated Supervisor Directory of practitioners experienced in integrated therapy-coaching practice; Group Supervision, and one-off mentoring sessions.

For anyone interested in exploring the benefits and challenges of a combined approach. All welcome regardless of modality, sector, and qualification status! 

Find out more

Our tiered approach supports the full journey of existing coaches, counsellors and therapists, and those already dual-qualified and integrating their services

For those who are looking for support from Supervisors who have completed their journeys to integrated their therapy-coaching practices

Find out more
Find out more

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the content, delivery, or scheduling of our workshops and training, please don't hesitate to drop us a line on the email address below or via or contact form.

London, Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh

+44 (0)7920 2611120

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