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How we work

Whether it's supporting individuals with 1:1 therapeutic coaching sessions or delivering interactive workshops for large groups, we combine warmth and empathy with common sense and pragmatism to design the bespoke coaching, training, and people development solutions your business needs.

Discovery meeting

The purpose of the initial meeting is for you to outline the challenges you and your employees are facing and identify what successful outcomes for change look like. It's ok not to not be totally clear about the root cause, or know what services you need at this stage; that's where we'll draw on our experience of evidence-based solutions to help.  In true coaching style, we'll help you get clarity about the problem and identify specific changes that need to delivered for individual and teams,  and be clear about the timescale for when you need to achieve this by.

We'll answer any questions you have about TCC and the way we work, and share our immediate thinking, which usually includes our experiences of what we know has worked for others in similar circumstances, referencing case studies (confidentially) and research findings to illustrate our solutions.  


TCC propose solutions

Following our initial meeting we'll work on defining the programme of services that we believe will most effectively meet your challenges and deliver your goals (see our services for more details). Our proposal will include:

  • Outline of recommended service or services, including cadence and number of sessions

  • Recommended TCC team members according to required number of Associates and areas of expertise

  • Potential start date for services, and timeline for delivery, depend

  • Communication plan, including review and feedback sessions

  • Fees (for Senior Associate, Associate and Consultant levels)

  • Recommended ROM (method of outcome measurement) and ROI indicators, in alignment with your KPIs and SMART goals. 


Activation of services

Depending on the combination of services chosen, this will include:

  • TCC will match our Associates and Senior Associates to your employees and teams dependent on their specific challenges and goals

  • Clients will gain access to our database and booking system to arrange timeslots for coaching sessions with TCC associates

  • Full details of plans for team coaching, workshops, or training to be shared for feedback, expansion and final approval by client

  • Dates for all sessions booked in and confirmed with client and relevant TCC associates

  • Reflection and review dates are agreed, and training and personal development plans begin.


Review and reflection

"We don't learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on our experience." (John Dewey)

As therapists and coaches, transparent and open reflection and review is part of our DNA.  Our approach combines science and art, so we will work collaboratively with you to understand our progress against our agreed measurable outcomes and KPIs, as well as seek and understand qualitative feedback about the programme of services we are delivering. 

As required and ethically appropriate, the depth and breadth of our TCC team skillset enables us to adapt and evolve our work and services to ensure we meet your goals for change, while delivering you maximum value for money.

Work with us

If you'd like to work with the team or find out more information about our services please drop us a line using the details below.  We look forward to hearing from you.

London, Cardiff, Manchester

+44 (0)7920 2611120

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