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Experts in high performance,

mental health and wellbeing

Combining the solutions-focused energy of coaching with the healing empowerment of psychotherapy,

we have the empathy, insight, and clinical experience to meet you where you are,

and the practical strategies, tools, and techniques to propel you to where you want to be.

 Our           mission

We believe everybody has the potential to thrive, and deserves the opportunity to do so.  Our mission is to deliver the powerful benefits of therapeutic coaching to a wide audience at an accessible price point.

The results we deliver

Combining our clinical psychotherapy qualifications with executive coaching experience, and corporate senior leadership backgrounds, TCC senior associates have the psychological and business insight into what makes people thrive and struggle in the workplace. 

Working with individuals, groups and teams, our solutions are are designed to support employees across the spectrum of high performance, mental health and wellbeing - from prevention through to cure.

We empower all employees, at every career stage, through each unique set of circumstances. 

We retain talent

We engage and develop people to amplify strengths, identify blindspots, optimise performance strategies, and increase role motivation, life-work balance and personal wellbeing

We prevent presenteeism

We work with those beginning to struggle in challenging personal or professional circumstances, and empower them with strategies to move forwards with greater confidence and resilience

We resolve absenteeism

We work with employees currently absent from work, and their managers, to reach mutually beneficial and pragmatic resolutions, and provide support through complex transitions

The problems we're solving 

The TCC team draw on the breadth and depth of our leadership training and people development experience to design practical solutions with tangible results in complex workplace areas, including:


Improving talent motivation and tackling employee burnout

Man stressed leaning against wall

Resolving conflict and working with dysfunctional teams 


Creating psychological safety and embedding DE&I intiatives

Lack of work-life balance can result in burnout and presenteeism; two the biggest threats companies face today (Thriving at Work, 2017). You want to retain and inspire your top talent, but the post-pandemic 'great resignation' and 'quiet quitting' are impacting staff motivation, trust, and consistency of performance. ROI research suggests interventions that tackle both prevention and cure deliver maximum impact.


When targets are challenging, environments are pressurised, and people are passionate about succeeding, conflict can arise. This not only creates tension between the individuals involved, but can decrease productivity and collaboration across teams and cultures (Deloitte, 2020).  Conflict resolution coaching focuses on solution not the problem, enabling people to move forward with resilience and confidence.

Research increasingly proves that truly cognitively diverse teams drive the highest levels of productivity, innovation, problem solving and overall business performance. But this only works when people feel able to be truly, authentically, themselves. We help companies create the psychological safety required for change and growth initiatives to become embedded and sustainable, and teams to thrive.


Work with us

If you'd like to explore how our range of services can help you or your teams remain in and thrive at work, get in touch for a free iniitial consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you.

London, Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh

+44 (0)7920 2611120

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