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Lucy Myers

About TCC

Founded by several BACP Coaching Division Executive Committee members including current Chair Lucy Myers, and other accredited senior coaching practitioners, TCC offers a unique combination of evidence-based services that combine clinical psychotherapeutic expertise, executive coaching techniques, corporate insight, and leadership development experience.


There are some excellent executive coaches out there doing brilliant work with c-suite leaders. That's not our purpose. We created TCC because we’ve seen the positive and swift impact therapeutic coaching has for people across all levels of the workplace, and our mission is to share its benefits with as many people as possible, in a range of targeted solutions.

Our services

What is therapeutic coaching?

Therapeutic coaching combines the healing power of psychotherapy with the solutions-focused energy of coaching. 

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Is therapeutic coaching right for my organisation?

Our clients tell us therapeutic coaching works well for them (see here for more details), and recent research backs this up.  An independent review commissioned by the Government investigated how employers can best support the mental health of all people currently in employment, including those with mental health problems or poor well-being, to remain in and thrive through work. Also contributed to by Deloitte, the collective insights were:

  • Working with individuals, specific teams, and across the entire company gives greatest ROI

  • Support will be most impactful when it is specifically targeted to work with a spectrum of challenges ranging from those who are thriving, to people who do not feel able to work

  • Evidence suggests employees are prevented from seeking help due to stigma around therapy, and fear of employer judgement or negative impact on future career prospects.

  • Coaches who are also qualified as therapists have the psychological insight into what makes people both thrive and struggle in the workplace, and crucially, the clinical experience in how to help people change.


  • Additionally, coaching does not suffer the same stigma as therapy or counselling; it's positive, goal-oriented approach and adaptability to work with individuals and teams alike means employees are more likely to access it, trust it, and experience its benefits.


Therapeutic coaching is therefore uniquely placed to deliver the recommended combination of mental health and wellbeing interventions.

Our purpose

TCC was created in response to a recognised need in the workplace for coaches who can provide psychological insight and support at emotional depth, whilst also facilitating the forward momentum that empowers people to achieve their personal and professional goals.


With almost half of working days lost to mental health difficulties and one in six employees showing symptoms of a mental health condition, the annual cost to UK employers is up to £42bn (Thriving at Work, 2017).  Deloitte's (2020) research makes a positive case for employers investing in mental health, demonstrating an average return of £5 for every £1 spent.  Government-funded research suggests the greatest ROI for organisations is provided by initiatives that engage all employees, and range from preventative insight through to targeted individualised support.


While there are great companies delivering coaching, psychotherapy and people development services separately, TCC's expertise makes us uniquely placed to offer an evidenced-based integrated approach that combines the benefits of each way of working. 



Why choose TCC?

In additional to their significant experience in both coaching and psychotherapy, TCC senior associates bring strong corporate, organisational development and leadership experience, from a range of industries and sectors, to the table. More than all of this though, TCC associates are hand-selected for their personal qualities and alignment to TCC's core values.  We care deeply about what we do, and we find it immensely satisfying helping our clients.  We've created the team we would all love to work with:

Finger on the pulse of

organisational challenges

Experienced at working within organisations and in private therapeutic practice, we know first hand the most common challenges facing businesses (including talent retention, enhancing employee resilience, tackling presenteeism, conflict resolution) and the priority themes within employees’ personal lives (lack of work-life balance, burnout, anxiety, relationship conflict). 

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Evidence-based, ethical,  expert practitioners 

Whatever challenges your employees are facing, our associates are qualified to work safely and effectively.  Common mental health difficulties are addressed  (anxiety, depression, substance abuse, emotional dysregulation, relationship difficulties, ADHD and neurodivergence) alongside more traditional coaching challenges (career evolution, leadership development, enhancing impact)


Passionate about collaboration, diversity, and inclusion

TCC associates are highly qualified, experienced, and accredited dual-practitioners of both psychotherapy and coaching, as well as integrated therapeutic-coaching practice, Fully insured, registered and accredited members of the appropriate professional bodies.


Our Clients

Find out what our clients think here.

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